Where to Stay

The 2019 Canada Fruit Fest offers 3 places to stay during the 4 day event.

On-Site Tent Camping

Tent Spaces

The Komasket Lake Campground is the ultimate festival camping location and involves so much more than just pitching a tent for the weekend. It’s a friendly place, with a separate family camping section, where you’ll meet new mind liked friends or reconnect with old. You can choose to relax around the verdant, lakeside campsite or do what most of us do when we go camping in Western Canada - get back into nature.

On-Site RV Camping

RV Spaces

In addition to tents, camper-vans, trailers and RV’s are also welcome at the festival. We have a space designated for RV’s and camper-vans. These spaces do not provide a power source.

To book your RV, you can click here.

Open your windows and let nature reveal it’s nightly star show. The campgrounds have very little light pollution, so once the tunes stop at 10 pm, you can take advantage of the peaceful backdrop to ponder the meaning of your life or just reflect upon natures beauty beside the ones you love.

Off-Site Hotel or Airbnb


If you’d like to stay off-site, you can click here to search Google maps for a hotel or motel nearby our venue.


Airbnb is an online marketplace which lets people rent out their properties or spare rooms to guests. To rent out someones house or room for a few days during the festival, click here.