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Volunteers are an integral part of the Canada Fruit Festival experience. They bring people together, give energy, and share a wealth of knowledge with our attendees.

Canada Fruit Fest volunteers will be stationed based on their skills, qualifications, and most importantly, their desires.

We will have some volunteers helping out in the kitchen preparing food, others will be performing babysitting duties, and others on clean up and attendee customer support.

We love the outpouring of interest in volunteering for the Canada Fruit Festival, however spaces are very limited and will likely go to people who have volunteered in previous years.

To guarantee your spot at the festival, we strongly suggest buying a ticket now while the prices are low, and then apply later when we open up for volunteer applications.

If you are chosen to be a volunteer, you will be fully refunded for the price of your attendee ticket.

Our application form is not open yet, so please check back in January.

We will likely be looking for people with the following skills: first aid, photography, videography, baby sitting, music and sound tech, and overnight security.

If you have any of those skills, please purchase an attendee ticket now, and then apply to be a volunteer once we open up for volunteer applications.