The Canada Fruit Fest Team

The 2019 Canada Fruit Fest Team is made up of 5 people. Ted, Zen, John, Melanie & Tomer.


Ted Carr (Founder & Head Organizer)

Born straight out of British Columbia, Canada, Carr is considered a home-town hero by many.

After attending the Komasket Lake Music Festival back when he was 16 & 17, he fell in love with the idea of starting his own festival one day. Years later, he became a raw vegan fruitarian and started attending fruit festivals around the world.

One by one, Carr learned how Fruit Festivals were crafted and took note of what he liked and what could be improved.

He studied Michael Arnstein’s approach to making The Woodstock Fruit Fest a success and would go on to spend many days at Arnstein beachside house in Hawaii, picking his brain about what it’s like to run a successful Fruit Festival.

After many years of holding the vision, travelling the globe to attend various festivals, and studying all he could, he finally felt well equipped with the connections and know-how needed to start his own Canada Fruit Festival.

But it wasn’t until a motivational phone call with a long time friend, Ronnie Smith (founder of the UK Fruit Fest), that he felt reassured enough to go all in and make the first ever Canada Fruit Fest happen once and for all.

Can you guess which venue he booked? The one that sparked his love for festivals in the first place: The Komasket Lake Campground.

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Zen Lefevre (Festival Director & Customer Support)

Born and raised in New Brunswick, Zen moved a lot in her life. She learned to make the best of everywhere she went.

With a passion for life and a social butterfly personality, she ended up in the military where the rudimentary life took a  toll on her health. She always knew she was meant for something bigger and never gave up hope. Married the love of her life, they are raising 5 beautiful children.

Zen started researching natural health alternatives and found veganism about 5 years ago. With a hunger to learn and not let doctors dictate her faith, she set out on a path to find true health. That is when she found the raw vegan lifestyle. This is truly where she feels her best.

For the longest time, she always carried the desire to participate or to organize an event that would enlighten others on health alternatives. Volunteering at the first ever Canada Fruit Fest was a fire starter that set her on her long desired path. She is now part of the Canada Fruit Fest Team and her experience and knowledge is a great asset for the success of future events.

Feel free to send any questions or concerns you may have and make sure to come say hi at the festival!


John Slater (Volunteer Coordinator)

Hailing from the tiny but mighty Bushnell, IL, Slater is a passionate advocate for health, wellness, and intentional living. You can catch him running around the grounds of the Canada Fruit Fest ensuring that morale is high among volunteers.

Speaking of running, Slater has been competing in the sport for over half of his 26 years on this planet. Slater ran collegiate Cross Country and Track for the NCAA powerhouse program Adams State University in Colorado. Now more focused on finding flow and squeezing as much joy out of fitness as possible, you can tag along with him for beautiful morning runs throughout the festival. 

Slater learned about the power a simple fruit-based in 2010 and started his vegan journey in 2011. Since this time Slater has continued to learn and evolve in his approach, believing that what we consume effects not only the environment of our bodies and minds, but the world around us. You’ll catch Slater mono mealing top-notch peaches at Kamasket Lake, and he encourages you to join him!

After earning his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in May of 2019, Slater looks forward to guiding others towards attaining their highest states of health through natural movement and lifestyle. 

Come volunteer, find flow, and dive deep in connection with John at Canada Fruit Fest.


Melanie Breiterman (Social Media Butterfly)

Born in Brooklyn, NY, and now living in upstate NY on Lake Ontario, Melanie is a huge advocate of the raw foods diet & lifestyle.

When her mom introduced her to raw foods nearly a decade ago, and over time, it made more and more sense to her until she decided to commit to the lifestyle fully.

The raw foods have helped her overcome various ailments she was suffering from.

She now helps to promote the lifestyle through social media and coaching, and also runs a glass straw business, selling her handmade work on Etsy.

This year she is working as head of social media for Canada Fruit Festival, keeping the Instragram pretty and responding to all those lovely DM’s people keep sliding in.


Tomer Shachar (Director of Education)

Born and raised in a small town in Israel, Tomer served in the Israeli army in a special combat unit for 3 years before discovering the Raw Food Diet & Lifestyle, which would ultimately change his life forever.

In 2013, he decided to attend his first Fruit Festival in upstate New York and immediately fell in love with the raw food community.

Tomer quickly became close friends with the founder, Michael Arnstein, and has been working alongside him and the other Woodstock administrative staff members for the last 3 years.

This year, Tomer will be joining forces with the Canada Fruit Fest to help see that it grows into it’s full potential by making sure the presenters, workshop hosts and education team as a whole have all of their needs met.

Tomer says, “Come say hey when you see me at the 2019 Canada Fruit Festival!”

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Jesse (Affiliate & Sales Team Lead)

Jesse was born in North Vancouver B.C. He spent the last three years living in Thailand. On a visit home spending time with his family he found a connection to Vancouver that he never had before and decided to move back and help Ted with his vision of the Canada Fruit Fest.

When he was first introduced to the whole food vegan lifestyle 5 years ago it completely changed his life. He was struggling with drug & alcohol addiction was depressed and had no life purpose.

Today Jesse is a Plant Based Nutritionist helping others to take back and create a life they truly love. His passion in life is to help others live a happy, healthy, sober life!

This year Jesse is very excited to be leading our affiliate team and reaching out to all of you wonderful people by inviting you to come join our family and create amazing new friendships and experiences we will all remember for years to come.

Holly (Music Coordinator)

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Mirelle (Presenter Manager)

Born in México City, Mirelle is a wellness and self-love coach. She has been vegan for over 5 years and she passionately promotes a healthy lifestyle through YouTube and other Social Media platforms. 

She runs a wellness and self love business and has grown an online community, coaching and sharing the message with the hispanic community all around the world. 

This year Mirelle will be Presenter Manager so if you have any question or concern regarding our headline, feel free to contact her. 

Also say hi at the festival! 


Kennedy (Sound Tech Team Lead)