2019 Schedule

Every day at the Canada Fruit Fest has a unique theme. Most of the workshops, talks, and activities each day will be based around that theme.

Our 2019 Schedule is currently being put together (it’s huge) and will be available for viewing in early March.

Please see below for a sample of what’s to come!


Day 1: Diet & Lifestyle Fundamentals

The first day of the Canada Fruit Fest lays the foundation for the rest of the event. Lectures are focused on educating you about the fundamentals of the healthy, sustainable Vegan diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, vitamins & minerals. You’ll know exactly what foods to eat and which to avoid. We’ll cover all of the BEST foods to eat. Lectures will also cover the healthiest lifestyle habits, like sleep, meditation, gratitude, goal setting, and others.

Workshops will be hands on, letting you craft your own fruit plates, slice your own veggies in clever ways, and design your own table layouts for beautiful, overhead Instagram photos.

Activities will be interactive and centered around discussing diet & lifestyle habits in a way that lets you feel empowered and gives you space to speak your mind or listen intently on what others have to share.

Our full schedule for Day 1, including our All-Star Line Up of Speakers, Presenters, and Workshop Hosts is on it’s way and will be released early in January.


Day 2: The Body & Mind of Your Dreams

The second day of the Canada Fruit Fest is all about building a strong, healthy body, and backing it up with a clear, positive mind. On this day, you’ll learn the fine art of fitness and meditation. You’ll feel more comfortable in your body as your mind opens up and allows your body to release any stress or tension that it may have been carrying up until August 10th.


Day 3: Lifestyle Freedom & Loving Relationships

The third day is where you’ll learn how to live a life of complete financial freedom. You’ll learn the process of earning all of your income entirely online, even if you don’t have a big social media following. Top experts will show you exactly how to craft a message and create products that sell. They’ll also teach you how to team up with the right people to get things moving, and how to delegate all the stuff you don’t like doing so you can transition from a 9-5 job to an online life of freedom and total creativity.

The other part of Day 3 is about attracting and maintaining loving relationships into your life, whether it’s with a soulmate, twin flame, child, parent, or other person in your life. You’ll learn the best ways of connecting physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually… not just with your partner(s), but with yourself as well.

Our full schedule for Day 3, including our All-Star Line Up of Speakers, Presenters, and Workshop Hosts is on it’s way and will be released early in January.


Day 4: The Power of Team Work & Collaboration

You become like the 5 people you hang around most, so the last day of the festival is all about connecting with those 5 people that you most strongly resonated with throughout the festival. Workshops and activities will be structured around building lasting friendships that carry you through the year and help spread the Vegan message across the world and boost the local Vegan community right where you live.