Canada Fruit Fest Music

There’s no other music festival quite like the Canada Fruit Festival.

We’ve got a stunning, fruit-fueled line-up of some of Canada’s finest musical acts. Expect electronic, dance, pop, rock and hip-hop genres at this magical, naturally high vibe, drug & alcohol free event.



With authenticity and lyrical finesse, FRASE's voice blends the classic sounds of Soul, Hip-Hop, Dub and pairs it with the modern production styles of House and Bass music. Since the debut EP “Daggers & Shields” in 2015, he has captured the hearts of music lovers around the world with a sound that is analog and soulful, yet pushes to the future with danceable beats.

The most electronic act at Kaslo Jazz Festival 2018, and one of the most live acts at Shambhala Electronic Music Festival 3 years in a row, FRASE is blurring the lines of contemporary music performance. Beautiful original songs are delivered in a dynamic, up-beat live show where FRASE sings his heart out, plays guitar and keys, all while mixing his tracks Dj style in Ableton Live. Doubling up the performance aspect of the live show is dancer, choreographer percussionist and vocalist, Embody MVMT. The duo's performance collaboration began on the subs of the world famous Tenax club in Florence, IT while opening for Fat Boy Slim in March, 2016. FRASE & Embody MVMT have been a power couple rocking festivals and clubs with synchronized dance moves ever since.

FRASE performed at such festivals In Canada:

Kamp, Shambhala (3 years in a row) - Diversity, Blessed Coast, Kaslo Jazz etc (twice)

Tiny Lights, Koksilah, Tall Tree, Song & Surf, Starbelly Jam, Astral Harvest, Odyssey Gathering, Pop Montreal, Festival Ete Quebec.

FRASE Supported and shared the stage with such artists as:

Dub fx, Bonobo, Fat Boy Slim, SkiiTour, The Funk Hunters, Delhi 2 Dublin, Chali 2una

Award Nominations:

Western Canadian Music Awards: Urban Artist of the Year (2018) -

Kootenay Music Awards: Artist of the Year (2018 & 2019) -

Video of the Year – for the song “She Said” (2018 & 2019) -

Electronic Recording of the Year – for the song “Serotonin” (2018)


Jessica Barbour's style is best described as a blend of catchy pop melodies with the story-telling aspect of classic folk music.  Regardless of her genre, she is a joy to see live. With a background in theatre and over a decade of experience onstage, she is most comfortable in front of an audience.

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After switching dimensions in 2012, I found my destiny as a messenger of the truth. Freestyle came easy like a holy gift after a near death experience. Confused by the catalyst, it wasn’t until 2018 that I materialized my path in music production. I want you to feel the collective soul when I spit. I want you to see the collective vision when the bass hits. I strive for legendary production quality, and an immersive experience that won’t be forgotten. As, I take the stage and let the presence take over. We create this experience. All of us. 


An admitted synth obsessive, drawing from various influences, Kris Falco makes an effort to distance himself from genre-defining elements while approaching his music from an organic and raw perspective. Using elements from hip hop, electronic, and 70s/80s funk, the multifaceted deejay likes to draw people in with the malleable dynamics of classic yet modern music.




In an age when musicians are passing off the daunting task of playing music to the under qualified hands of the machines, Teal Loverock is the exception that proves the rule. Born and raised on the Sunshine Coast, BC, he has been immersed in acoustic music from day one, on account of his parents being folk singer/songwriters. At age four, as he struggled to get his hands to play “Smoke on the Water”, it was clear that he had already caught the bug. Eighteen years later, after dabbling in a wide variety of genres with fellow youth in his home town of Pender Harbour and intensive study of the music given to us by artists such as Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Bob Marley, Steely Dan, and J. Cole, whom he consider to be among the greatest musicians of all time, Teal Loverock is proud to present to you, a style that will unite all genres, a message that will unite all people, and a movement that will bring us into harmony with the Earth on which we live; Music that can only be characterized by the name:



Vocalist, Song-Writer, Improvised Artist: A live vocal producer, Quean of the Green creates music for the moment, from the moment. As we are Sound, Sound impacts matter.

As we are water, Sound impacts us. Studying frequencies and culture: Quean touches on all genres of music and covers all octaves of sound.




Two potatoes walk into a bar with a guitar, a keyboard, your favourite oldies hits and some tasty originals. They tell some smooth Dad Jokes, explain what “Yacht Rock” is and sing in sweet harmony.

A decade and a half has passed since these best friend spuds (Kayla Williams & Melody Stang) first joined forces, in tandem and apart they have been creating music ever since. While their voices haven’t been genetically enhanced, their harmonic alchemy and stage chemistry prove you don’t have to be sisters to sound like you’re related. Summer 2018 had them sprouting at all kinds of festivals like Lilac Fest, Astral Harvest Fest, Weayaya Music Fest, Wednesday on the Wharf and more! Musical legend Fleetwood Mac inspired their pseudonym from the song ‘Family Man’ or as they'll likely sing it in soundcheck: “I yam what I yam, a Tandem Yam”.



Much Love! I’m OJAS and I create, perform, and share MULTIDIMENSIONAL SOUND – LIVE!

Futuristic electronic bass music…

expressive fusion of dance, trap, glitch+brainwave, and huge emotional electronica.

Creating Music showed me my connection to my deepest and purest being, in some of my toughest

moments. So, I perform and share my music to share that love and ultimate expressive passion in the most powerful way: to inspire people and help them tap into their own passionate uniqueness and gifts - this is my deepest communication.

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Kyra has always loved the arts. She spent four years training as a circus artist during her early teens, before deciding to focus most of her energy on her first love, music. Kyra has been taking piano lessons for the past three years, learning classical piano, jazz and accompaniment. Just over a year ago she began playing the ukulele to add another component to her vocal performances. During the past two years Kyra has performed at festivals and local events.

She keeps a full schedule, entering her grade 12 year, while working as a gymnastics coach in Comox BC. In her busy life Kyra's passion for music shines through—taking every opportunity to sit down at the piano, sing and play her favourite songs.

Kyra is excited to return to the Fruit Fest, this year on the piano, performing cover songs by some of her favourite artists.