We have all your comforts covered at the Canada Fruit Festival so you can go on enjoying the festival with ease.


This is the where the magic happens! Our organic, raw buffet foods are prepared here. However, as we will need the space to prepare for this task, we ask all non-volunteers to stay out of the kitchen during the festival. If you have any special food requests, you can contact any member of our staff or volunteer team and we will happily assist you in meeting your needs. We’re also asking all non-raw vegans to bring their own cooked foods & camp cooking tools rather than using the kitchen to prepare any foods. This is a fruit festival, after all!


Nearby Stores

The Canada Fruit Festival is in close proximity to a host of shops and stores. Walmart and the Superstore, for example, are conveniently located about 20 minutes from the festival grounds, and the Little Kingdom market is just 5 minutes away.


Bathrooms & Showers

Our spacious, well-serviced bathroom and shower blocks are available 24/7. Showers are both hot and cold! We will also have several port-a-potties on site located conveniently around the venue.


Fresh Water

Our venue has fresh water refill stations available free of charge for drinking and washing. So instead of buying water, you can go easy on the environment by bringing your own reusable bottle instead. We like Yeti bottles!


Volunteers & Staff

Our volunteers and staff members are a wealth of knowledge and are always eager to answer questions that may come up. If you would like to apply to be a volunteer for our 2019 festival, please purchase a ticket now and apply in early January.


What the Venue Looks Like: