2019 Presenter Line Up

Our star studded line up is being announced 1 presenter at a time… so far we have 23 confirmed presenters! Stay tuned for more!

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Ted Carr

Ted Carr is an online Vegan entrepreneur/athlete who created the fastest growing fruit festival in the world. For the last 9 years, Ted has traveled the globe making an effort to spread the fruit & vegetable message, and has reached out to major audiences in person by standing on stage giving talks and hosting workshops at more than 30 functions globally.

As a former semi-professional triathlete, founder of the Canada Fruit Fest, and social media rockstar, Ted has a major influence on the Vegan and Raw Vegan community at large.


Alana Parekh

Alana Parekh is the founder of AAHANA, a multi-faceted resource for personal transformation and inner growth. Since receiving a BFA in Dance in 2012, Parekh has been a professional dance teacher, performer, and movement artist throughout Chicago.

On her YouTube channel, she shares her thoughts, struggles, and insights on relationships, lifestyle, self-love, addictions, movement practices, philosophy, and more.

One of her main focuses is bringing awareness to the potential of sexual energy through fasting from masturbation. Her passion for inner evolution and love for creative movement inspired her to develop a workshop called "Access Your Human", which combines meditation, movement, and sensory exercises designed to help people heal blockages in their subconscious mind. 

Website: aahana.org


Greg Xavier

Greg Xavier is an entrepreneur, plant-based nutritionist, raw vegan chef and breathwork instructor.

Founder of Plant Based Ireland, Greg is the leading expert in his country on the subject. He regularly contributes to plant-based discussions on radio, t.v. and print media. Inspired by the Canadian Governments recent dietary recommendations, Plant Based Ireland is actively lobbying the Irish Minister for Health to see a similar leap forward in government eating guidelines.

Greg has been plant based for over 8 years and raw for the past 3. He’s also qualified as a Raw Chef in 2015 and now trains culinary students in the Raw Food Mastery Program at Plant Based Academy in Dublin, Ireland.

As one of only 300 certified Wim Hoff Method Instructors in the world, Greg has trained directly under Wim Hoff himself since 2017. He is traveling over 7000km to Canada exclusively for the Fruit Festival & will be teaching daily breathwork classes.


Melissa Raimondi

Melissa Raimondi is the author of 4 raw vegan recipe books and passionately runs her YouTube channel Lissa’s Raw Food Romance. She has been in the natural health world for over 15 years and after having started a raw vegan diet in September of 2014, she lost 70 lbs and healed countless health complaints. She began helping people find their way to a healthier lifestyle and creating countless recipes to be enjoyed by all looking to add more raw vegan meals to their lives. She enjoys attending and teaching at fruit festivals and connecting with those looking to find bliss.


Chris Kendall

Chris Kendall earns his bananas flowing as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), 100% Raw and Transitional Lifestyle Coach, Kendalini Yoga Creator and Raw Food Chef. A 15 year raw vegan Chris shares all that brings him bliss through running raw food and yoga adventure retreats, sharing/lecturing at festivals, singing raw parody songs, as well as via in person and online consultation services.

His raw recipe ebooks and free raw recipes app are considered to be some of he best in the world. A lifelong skateboarder and avid surfer Chris is best known for his Frickin Rawsome Recipes, including his new pizza book, as well as his relaxed and fun approach to a raw food diet.

His budding vision the "TRA Dream"; A Non-profit 501 c(3) Charity is focused on creating donation based holistic healing, yoga, permaculture, educational retreat centres around the world.

Paying it forward Chris offers some of his ebooks and services on a By Donation Basis.

Dr. SAM- Pic.jpg

Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski

Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, DPT (aka: “The Health Raiser!”TM) has over 22 years of experience as a licensed physical therapist and wellness specialist, helping thousands of people overcome various health challenges.

Dedicated to ‘raising health’ for a better world, Dr. SAM helps evoke the beneficial changes needed to thrive and prosper at a higher level. Samuel is the author of the book: “Feel Good Now!”, which became a best seller on Amazon in the category of “healthy living”. He has also inspired many others to elevate their health to a whole new level with his hit song, “The Health Raiser Song!”. Samuel has successfully led Raw Food Wellness Retreats in Costa Rica for over 10 years. Dr. SAM’s core message is both powerful and empowering; and his mission for healthy living is contagious. The simple advice and solutions he offers often become irreversible knowledge!

He has a unique teaching style that utilizes functional frameworks, practical principles, light humor, and key memorable takeaways that can create everlasting wellness transformation. Samuel will not only inspire you to improve health, you will learn to value it as well. Dr. SAM's guidance could not only change your life, it may even help save it!

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Karen Ranzi

Karen Ranzi, M.A., CCC-SLP is a 25 year raw vegan, an award-winning author, internationally acclaimed speaker, plant-based and raw food health coach, certified raw foods chef, speech and feeding therapist, and owner of SuperHealthyChildren.com and her online 100 hour Raw Vegan Coaching Certification Course. She is mother to two adults raised on a healthy raw vegan diet starting in 1994. Karen is author of the groundbreaking book, Creating Healthy Children, winner of the Bronze Medal “Living Now” Award in the category of Health and Nutrition from Independent Publishers, and her top selling Raw Vegan Recipe Fun for Families, a fun recipe book for busy people with 115 easy recipes. Her upcoming book, Autism Reversal, will be out in 2019.

Karen travels throughout the United States and abroad to speak on the extreme benefits of a healthy low fat raw vegan lifestyle. Karen has been a popular featured speaker for international events such as the London Vegfest and the Woodstock Fruit Festival, and has been a featured speaker for events in Costa Rica, Australia, Borneo, Russia, Brazil and Canada. Karen was awarded the “Peer-to-Peer Award for Service to Children’s  Health” and “Best of Raw Professional Chef by the Raw Living Expo. Karen hosts a Raw Food & Yoga retreat in Costa Rica, a Women's Health Retreat in Rhinebeck, New York, and a Wild Foraging Retreat in Durango, Colorado.

Karen Ranzi was the host of the popular online interview series "The Power of Raw Foods" Summit in 2017 with a listener audience of 7,000.

Karen is a writer for VegWorld Magazine, Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine, Eternity Watch Magazine, and Fruit Powered Digest.
In 1994, Karen was able to heal her three year old son from asthma, chronic ear infections and multiple allergies, and herself from digestive and skin problems through dietary and lifestyle changes. By means of her education, life-changing personal experiences, and sincere desire to share her message, Karen has been able to guide thousands toward developing excellent health through simple plant-based living.

Jake Tai Chi Chuan.jpg

Jake Mace

Jake Mace has been eating and living a Vegan Diet for 18 years.  Jake has only been eating fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains, rice, herbs, and other plant based items since he was 19 years old!

Jake has been practicing the Martial Arts since 8 years old.  Jake began Chinese Martial Arts when he was a Senior in high school and has been practicing and teaching the Chinese Martial Arts full-time since then.  Chinese Martial Arts includes Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation, Weapons, Grappling, and Street Fighting!  Jake's popular "Kung Fu & Tai Chi with Jake Mace" YouTube Channel has 1.2 Million Subscribers and over 140 Million Views!

Jake's goal is to have a property that is off the grid including "off the food grid"!  That means a goal of growing all the food Jake and his family need to survive throughout the year!  Gardening, Raised Beds, Fruit Trees, Permaculture, Canning, Dehydrating, Pickling, and Preserving are the "weapons" Jake uses!  His popular "Vegan Athlete" Gardening YouTube Channel has 145,000 Subscribers and Over 17 Million Views and teaches gardening at home while being a healthy, athletic, and successful Vegan!

Over the past year Jake and his girlfriend Nicole have traveled to 14 countries while volunteering on Organic Farms in Portugal, Spain, France, and Hawaii.  While trekking in the Himalayan Mountains of India and eating rare tropical fruits in Thailand Jake and Nicole also secured their new home on Vancouver Island in British Columbia where they live off grid in a Yurt while growing a fruit tree orchard and bio-dynamic garden powered by solar energy.  They are currently building a new Cob home out of earth, sand, and mud!

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Grant Campbell

Known as Raw Aussie Athlete, Grant has been raw vegan since 2005 and has hosted over 20 fruitarian retreats including his premium retreat, the Fruitarian Adventure Retreat in Thailand.

As an ultra marathon runner, Grant has completed over 65 ultras of up to 240 km (149 miles) and has even fallen asleep while running.

Grant has been featured at over 20 of the world’s major fruit-based raw vegan festivals where he continues to offer educational presentations, food demos, support groups, running workshops, group runs and hiking expeditions.

Grant's popular Raw Aussie Athlete channel on YouTube features a series of tips on emotional health and running.

Grant has authored Inspired To Run, a book series of inspiring running stories.

Grant aspires to bring his very best in all of his endeavors, including his goal to run 100 miles (161 km) when he turns 100 years of age, to demonstrate the long term possibilities through healthful living.


Dr. Areli K-Cuevas Ocampo The Raw Vegan Doctor

ARELI is a Consultant Neuropathologist at North Bristol Trust NHS Southmead Hospital in the UK and is Board-Certified by the US American College of Pathology in both, Anatomic/Clinical Pathology (Baystate/Tufts pathology residency program) and Neuropathology (UCSF Fellowship program). Her research interest focuses on studying the genetic, epigenetic and epidemiological risk factors of brain tumours and neurodegenerative diseases and on implementing public health strategies to decrease the incidence and prevalence of these conditions through lifestyle modifications, specifically, via promotion of a whole food plant based diet.

Besides looking at diseases under the microscope, examining brains, and doing autopsies, Dr. Areli's passion is plant-based promotion with an emphasis on raw foods. She combines her medical background, plant-based knowledge, and her own experience as a raw-foodist to educate people about the incredible benefits of incorporating more raw fruits and vegetables into our diets.

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Ronnie Smith

Bio Coming Soon

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Andrea from Sun & Sprout

Andrea, from Northern Wisconsin, embarked on a plant-based diet when she was 15 years old- about the same time she started endurance running. She was recruited out of high school to run Division 1 Cross Country and Track at Northwestern University. After her freshman year, Andrea studied abroad in Costa Rica, which is where she learned about the raw vegan diet. Upon returning from study abroad in 2014, Andrea went all in to the fruitarian lifestyle. The following year she set her personal records in the 10k, 6k, 5k, 3k, and 1500m, as well as setting the university’s record in the 3k- proving that athletes can thrive on a fruit based diet. Upon graduating from Northwestern University with a masters in Environmental Engineering, Andrea moved to Santa Monica, CA where she works at an environmental non-profit focusing on Sustainable Urban Planning. 

This past summer, after four years on a fruit-based diet, Andrea decided to start sharing her experiences on social media to empower people to live lives that nourish the body, the spirit, and the planet. Andrea sheds light on topics including—yoga,  raw food recipes, body positivity, ethical living, endurance running, and faith. 

In her spare time, you can find her teaching yoga, shopping at the farmers market, creating raw vegan masterpieces, thinking about how cities can be more sustainable, and providing space for people to heal and grow.

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John Kohler

Bio Coming Soon


Nathan Maris

Nathan (a.k.a Raw NattyN8) has been enjoying a vegan lifestyle since 2013 when his 11 year old son decided to change his diet. After seeing his mother heal herself from cancer with a raw food diet, he decided to try it out for himself. He has currently been eating raw foods for over 2 years and has a passion for sharing his knowledge and inspiration with the world through his enthusiastic nature on his Instagram and in his YouTube videos. He hopes that his enthusiasm and charisma can help other men (and all!) find health and compassion through this lifestyle change, learning that you can still be “manly” AND be compassionate. 
Known by many as the "Nice Cream King" Nate is currently working on his first recipe book for those in love with the frozen banana treat. He also currently owns and happily operates a raw vegan salad catering and company, La Bella Fresca,  delivering hydrating and delicious salads to those looking for a better lunch alternative. 
Nate is also excited to join forces with Lissa of Raw Food Romance where they will be creating more recipes, raw vegan retreats and plenty of fun loving adventures together.