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The 2020 Canada Vegan Fest: Fun, Friends, & Fruit!

Canada’s Biggest 4 Day Vegan Festival.

Dates TBA• Okanagan Lake, B.C.

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This festival was a life-changing experience! I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet with so many creators and like-minded people in such a genuine way ♥️ peace, love and fruit!
— Kristina Antonak, 2018 Attendee

Why Canada Fruit Fest?


Collaborative Community Highs

A fluid, dream-like state of existence comes on softly as you enter the festival grounds. Scents of fresh fruit, green grass, and open lakeside air fill the space between people. Healers, mystics, creatives and connected souls all join hands together as we rejoice in the 4 day bootstrapped community that is Canada Fruit Fest. Shared intentions, common goals, and like minds unite for a beautiful time together. A time that will never be forgotten and forever cherished in the hearts of those who attend.

Fresh Fruit & Fun Friends

Locally grown in the dark, mineral rich soils of the Okanagan Valley - The Fruit Capital of the Canada, our menu will not only satisfy your hunger, but will uplift, regenerate, and invigorate you to be, do and have so much more than you ever thought possible. Choose from and salivate over our time tested assortment of properly fresh ripe fruit, organic veggies, light dips, creamy sauces, and exotic fruits. Having a hard time deciding what to eat? Any choice is a good choice at the Canada Fruit Fest ❤️.

Live Music from Heavy Hitting Acts

You can see the sun setting. The sky is orange. You can hear bass heavy beats in the distance. You walk a bit closer to the stage and you notice your body starts moving in new ways. Your friends begin to dance, and you find yourself following suit. Your favourite Canadian artists and musical acts are here. Some you may have never even heard of. Some you’ll never forget. Last year our attendees enjoyed the sounds of Bombargo, IMUR, FRASE, and many other great artists. What will 2019 bring?

Pleasant Lakeside Camping

It’s 7am. You open your eyes and you feel a rush of excitement as you remember where you are. You don’t want this day to end, and it hasn’t even started yet. You’re lakeside, adjacent to a field of meditators, yogis, and fruit lovers. You unzip your tent and see a stunning view of the lake. You head out and have the time of your life. Later that night, after the music settles down and you finish your late night conversations with new friends, you head back to sleep under the night sky, love your life and see a shooting star.

The activities, the beautiful lake-side venue, the high quality fruit, and the like minded community is absolutely magical. I highly recommend coming to this festival if you want to have the best summer of your life!
— Sarah Morisette Marson, 2018 attendee

Okanagan Lakeside Bliss

Enjoy a relaxed and empowering start to your day with morning meditation & yoga sessions on the banks of Lake Okanagan. Just as a raw vegan diet cleanses the body, our unique yoga & meditation workshops work together to bring a new state of clarity to the mind.

My experience at the festival: I had the most amazing time with my spiritual family! I felt right at home as soon as I arrived and was greeted with such love. Everything was so close, it was easy to do what I wanted when I wanted, like go to a talk, jump in the water or grab something from my tent. I loved the intimate setting that allowed us to connect with the other participants while also being amongst the speakers and more well known guests. The live music took things to the next level! The local fruit was out of this world. I could eat peaches all day! 🍑 But of course, my favourite part was the connections that I felt with among all the people, everyone was just so happy.
— Jakub aka kuba, 2018 attendee

Live Music & Dancing

Some of Canada’s best musical acts can be found here at the Canada Fruit Fest. This is the world’s first and only fruit AND music festival after all.

Expect to hear the sounds of bands like Bombargo & IMUR, and DJ’s like FRASE. Many other great bands & DJ’s will be gracing the stage at the 2019 festival.  

This festival provided such an amazing space for my family to come & truly enjoy ourselves. My children especially had an amazing time learning and growing with other children who were well behaved and living the same lifestyle. We left the festival feeling refreshed and closer as a family. Thank you!
— Kylea Ray, 2018 attendee

Friends & Fun

At our last years festival, we heard time and time again how the atmosphere was reminiscent of summer camp. This is, in part, thanks to our myriad of group activities.

At the 2020 festival try your hand (feet?) at slacklining, get creative with face painting, and join one of our notorious icebreaker games. Then if you think you can handle it put your hat in the ring for our Annual Banana Eating Contest!

That’s not all we offer, though. We also have speed dating, group hikes up Sugarloaf Mountain, hacky sack circles, handstand classes, and so much more. Join the community and surround yourself with other like-minded people by getting involved with your favourite group activities.


This festival is nothing short of a miracle. This community is changing our planet for the better. Thank you!
— Benjamin Ra, 2018 volunteer

Fresh, Raw, Organic Cuisine

Choose from a delectable assortment of fresh fruit and veggies and raw vegan dips, sauces, and fats. Mostly all of our produce is local, organic & picked properly ripe just for us.

If you are not vegan or raw vegan this a great opportunity to undertake a 4-day raw food cleanse and experience the benefits of a raw vegan diet first hand, in a supportive, encouraging & inspiring environment.

This festival is a great collection of unique people that come together to celebrate, learn and teach each other. Making friends, enjoying nature, fruit, music, sharing our experience with raw vegan diet and passions with each other are just a few of the things we do.
— Boris plotkin, festival volunteer

Turn your Passions into Profits.

Ever wonder how some of your favourite social media influencers on Instagram and YouTube make it big and earn their money?

Well, since they’ve figured it out, they’ll be teaching you how to do it, too!

Our awesome speakers will give you a run-down on how they got off the ground floor.

Then after sharing their stories, they’ll give you a list of actionables so YOU can get on a similar road to success, and the freedom of making your income online doing what you love.